Digital Publishing

The notion of print being dead is far from true even though famed designer David Carson predicted it back in the mid-90s. Almost 30 years later, print is still a viable medium and there are plenty of formats for designers to utilize.

In the meantime, this course offers students the ability to test some of those waters—both digitally and physically—by creating multiple-page compositions that were published via online resources as digital books and e-readers, as well as physically through going to their local print shop to create a physical catalog.

Focusing in on proper typesetting principles and strong grid structures, students were pushed to utilize grids without the feeling of being too predictable and monotonous across multiple pages.

Upon successful completion of the course, the student will:
• Demonstrate a proficiency in page layout skills
• Demonstrate proficiency in page layout software
• Utilize current hardware and software to develop projects for print
• Demonstrate a proficiency in designing multiple page, sequential design projects