When do people cut away from the norms of everyday society, and take on new mores and folkways within a new media?

Understanding there is a fine line between the lives of the electronic lifer, this book attempts to take the reader further down the proverbial rabbit hole by weaving information with variable strips of binary code. Taking a page from the clichéd visual standpoint of technical colors—obnoxious glowing greens and muted greys—the colors work to push the identity of the text.

Filled with passages of philosophers, theorists, and general lunatics, the text is full of green binary code to have the type come alive over the digital aspect of the theme. Bringing the digital world to print, the odd images of computer-headed people doing regular tasks, as well as pixelated infographics, the lines are indeed blurring between real life and a cybernetic existence.

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One must harness the tools and information around them to carry a message in-line with their perspective audience, but there is a clear idea that the lines of life tend to blur with the interjection of the digital realm.