An idiom is a phrase or a fixed expression that has a figurative, or sometimes literal, meaning. Combining language to paint a figurative image, the idiom hopes to relate common understandings within colorful contexts. Melded within everyday language, the idiom plays an important role of defining something outside of the stereotypical label, relating the message to other imagery that share the same sort of interpretation.

What would happen if the idiom then became a physical visual instead of an idealized, agreed-upon idea? What if my idea of an idiom has a context beyond your familiarity? In a means to discover if these questions are answerable, I needed to create a pair of idioms that represent my understanding of the term, instead of the stereotype associated with the message. Taking two basic words, photographing them, and then manipulating them digitally, I was able to stretch the essence of the idiom, yet create a dynamic composition to help explain my thoughts.

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