Trying some new programs and different attributes within graphic design, I began to play around with Adobe’s AfterEffects.

The end result were three different attempts at trying to push type through conventional messaging, moving through the images on the screen, and finally as a method to use in advertising.

The first sample is just an attempt to get some text moving simply across the screen using the quote “Ads are the cave art of the 20th century” from Marshall McLuhan. Using found images and music sourced from SONOR, the short is a timeline movement, scrolling from left-to-right.

Now trying to work with my own photography, I tried to convey the message of one being lost among the shattered ruins of the local steel industry. The eerie music is meant to allude to the feeling of being lost, and slowly finding one’s way.

As an experiment of working with a client that is surrounded by so much negative publicity, I wanted to try my hand at showcasing the basics of the business with a simple spin on the message. While there is no music, the serene imagery and movements are there to entice the positive of Monsanto and to connect the consumer.