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As designers, we tend to create, present, and then dispose. There are a few times when we have the time (and luxury) of returning to works that influenced / impacted out tastes of the times and perhaps get our grimy little mitts on them again to see what would happen to the visuals now that we are older / wiser / deeper into alcoholism–whatever the reason, we have this insatiable urge to creep backwards in hopes to progress further; and that brings me back to my BMX idol, Dennis McCoy–simply known as DMC.

A while back–7 years or so–I played around with some Swiss Style in hopes of broadening my scope of design, and as a way to showcase different styles within my classes.

The original piece–Ode to DMC–was an attempt to present information using strict grid rules and simplified color palette. To think, I actually submitted this in the Faculty Art Show in 2012…

Rehash of a D-m-cent Idea (June 2017)
Any-who, fast-forward to now, I jumped back into the original files and started to play with the existing information the page; keeping the style of font, I wanted to try another round of Swiss Style play–this time, grabbing some influence from Müller-Brockmann, and his limited palette and use of arrows. The end result is a grand pop of eye-catching red with a new image; same idea, different composition.

I had some fun with this, so look out for more experimentation with this layout….

And Baby Makes Three (June 2017)
I jumped at the idea to push the Swiss Style more, this time honing in on the use of the same typographical items, yet shifting some of the body copy into more refined chunks. The end result is a mimic of more of Müller-Brockmann’s style with the limited color and strict use of a grid.