Iteration is the name of the game, and the only way to progress fully is to fall flat on your face in the beginning. If you think about it, trial and error can be your best friend…It doesn’t matter your level of education or expertise in the field, you are bound to fail; hell, I do it all of the time! If you are not running into any sort of roadblocks, chances are you are plainly doing it wrong.

Henry Ford pointed out…

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time, more intelligently.”

Being a designer means having to rake your ideas over the coals at times because the intended message just doesn’t connect with either the audience or to what your client is trying to say. The good news is that we all do it…at times we learn to what is a blatant error and ignore those items to begin-with, but we all shove as much thought into every design opportunity, good and mostly bad.

It happens to everyone
From a personal standpoint, there were times where I struggled to find the right message for things; case-in-point, Monitoro’s visuals weren’t aligning with the intended audience–I went through hundreds–yes, hundreds of iterations to simplify the message enough to meld the message of the brand with who they were aimed at.

Error in alignments
In other cases, defining subsequent materials also fits within this structure; not everything has a clear path. There may be times where the idea is killer, but the composition just isn’t panning out.

The Zombie King was another time where subsequent materials just weren’t aligning correctly with the namesake, creating a cluster of compositional distractions. The name of the design game is progression; in every era, in every genre of the field, designers utilize error as a means to learn how to bypass missed messages and as a way to grow their skills.