This course will provide students interested in photography with the fundamental principles of a captured image with a digital camera. Besides camera basics, other topics to be studied are: composition, aesthetics, legal and ethical considerations, advantages to conventional photography and creativity from camera to computer (the digital darkroom).

Projects range from composition, pattern, texture, light painting, now and then, photo-type, photo-merge, and infrared.

Through the successful use of the digital camera the student will have learned the following:
To operate the basic functions of a digital camera
To employ current digital applications to a photographic image
To make use of scanning and other capturing techniques in photography
To illustrate digital refinement s to a photographic image
To manipulate a digital image for the greater creative expression
To handle storage (file) and management (retrieval) of digital images
To select and adopt appropriate formats to a photographic image
To recognize and demonstrate specific design elements in a photograph