Category: logos

Off-Road Odyssey

What could be more exciting than digging through old-school comic art and re-hashing to make a buck with off-roading relatable content?!

Trial and Error; Progression of Design

Nothing promotes the idea of functional design better than having to go back to the proverbial drawing board for more insight into creating that “wow” visual.

DeLorean Revamp; Defunct to Functional

Defunct brands always serve a greater good than their general intended purpose.

ZOMBIE KING Film Festival

The ability to hone in on the message of the director over a wide variety of media pushed the visuals beyond the screen.

LOCKJAW; Toolbelt Attachment Apparatus

Working in the trades, one defining feature of a specific skill is the toolbelt that workers wear.

Monitoro: Mobile Health Tracking and Recording System

An exploration of taking the stereotypical approach of healthcare and expanding the concept to a new mode of modern medical health.