[full_width][portfolio show=”7″ load_more=”scroll”]][/full_width] [col size=”one_half”]THE JACK-OF-ALL-TRADES
Being your conventional gearhead, I have a hard time leaving well-enough-alone. In my eyes, there is always something more that can use a little tweak–no matter the trade, I’m not afraid of getting my hands caked in dirt and grease, nor will I shy away from anything that requires a new skill to learn or tool to master.
[/col] [col size=”one_half_last”]VERSATILITY
All of those years attempting to define myself under one label was trying, yet there was good that came from the experience. I am a versatile designer—I come up with ideas and designs based on what the client asks for or needs. I address the problem, and in the process, attempt something different than what I’ve done before.