Being your conventional gearhead, I have a hard time leaving well-enough-alone. In my eyes, there is always something more that can use a little tweak–no matter the trade, I’m not afraid of getting my hands caked in dirt and grease, nor will I shy away from anything that requires a new skill to learn or tool to master.

My design approach is adaptability. I am comfortable in a multitude of different design situations, proven by delivering diverse messages to a wide audience on multiple platforms.

Graphic design is a field that requires constant updating of one’s own tools and techniques to ensure their message is understood, and most importantly, relevant. That’s the key of being a good designer; take into account your abilities, and then build on your weaknesses. If you feel strength in doing strictly corporate identities, run with it; but be sure you realize that there are plenty of different areas of graphic design to experiment with. Don’t become a one-trick-pony; open yourself up to grow as a designer, and don’t be afraid to learn.