Falling into a deep space black hole, off-road explorers travel the galaxy, looking for the next best place to wheel interdimensionally.

“Trails…the final frontier…” Just like Captain Jomes T. Krik says, “To boldly wheel where no man has wheeled before.”

It is comforting to know that off-road enthusiasts on distant planets and different galaxies suffer from the stereotypical wheeling problems that us mere Earthlings endure.

Whether you prefer Jomes T. Krik or Jaen-Luc Pricard as your Captain, they both want you to know that these are available as singles or a set, are 3×5”, and are 60s-era comic-themed and kiss-cut for extra flavor.

Who doesn’t love bringing some of that old-school sci-fi into the mix of things?

You can find these over at Azzy’s Design Works.