Being from the internet-age, we are left to our own devices, toiling away at whatever mislabeled image appears with a quick Google search–its interesting to think of the time–his time–when the world relied on the printed page. Oh, to be of that era and see these profound samples of plant like and exceptional photography.

In any event, I went and came up with a simple book of Karl Blossfeldt’s photography, honing in on the style of the era and precision of the photography.

Blossfeldt book
I used a simple two-column grid layout, allowing for type to carry over titles and images in a linear manner, and also gives plenty of negative space to help drive more attention to the beauty of the images. Coming up with the style, I wanted to emulate the era and color combinations of the time; the green-grays of the prints added some validity to the composition, where the rough hand-written type flowed in a personal touch. Since it was “masters if the camera“, the purple ‘M‘ on the cover and inside flap are markings of what would inevitably be a series of books on the subject. The purple was simply chosen to act as a complimentary to the greenish hues.

While being a short exploration, this is something I can see panning out with more time (and usable information). Someday, I’ll come back to this and push more spreads out.