Through my personal teaching career, the web has changed substantially; gone are the days of obnoxious framed content and overly-saturated textured backgrounds with small, blurry GIF animations of goofy animals into a more visually appealing method of showcasing design chops.

With that same comment comes the ease of designing more difficult with early WYSIWYG editors being more click-and-plop to code-heavy features. With HTML5, the web is beginning to be easier for designers to get our claws into, but the means of presenting content has become very focused and having a great understanding of design and coding makes for some golden unicorns in the field…

Early on, the course revolved around student portfolio work, and then evolved into how to research, compile, and present a good website all while understanding the intended audience.

We journey through the research phase of personas, scenarios, wireframing, and sitemaps, to designed content like headers, collages, GIF animation, and finally, a structured website for a business.